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Hi, I'm Tina. I'm a second year physiology student at the University of Alberta. Please click the links below to find me elsewhere!

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Vancouver 2014 [3/8]
Monday, March 31, 2014 | 0 comments

I actually forgot to upload these pictures from dinner yesterday. There was chicken in the furthest dish and I asked the guy if it was a chicken that he raised. He just looked ahead and sighed and said, "Ah, Not today." HAHAHA WHAT'S THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?!?

Ahem, anyway. Here's the view from my hotel, It's a bunch of separated buildings again instead of a hotel ;; MURDERS ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THESE PARKING LOTS ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY. ヽ(#`Д´)ノ It's raining a lot, everything is WET.

Ahyes pictures of our messy hotel room and my brother being an absolute tard. If he's not eating, sleeping, or playing tennis, he's on his phone. The hotel's pretty nice, and it has a full length mirror which is all I really need  

Here's another picture (above) of the view we have from the hotel. After that (below) there are just a lot of pictures from around the club we're at. It's really nice ~~ I just wish it wasn't raining so I could go out and get better pictures. MY ENTIRE FAMILY IS HERE AND I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO THOUGHT TO GET AN UMBRELLA WHat the heck 
( ;´Д`) 

They're playing in the indoor courts because the outdoor ones are all wet ;;

Then I have a bunch of pictures of my brother being a tard. There was a pink-tinted window between us, so all the pictures are a little pink.

My brother is on the very right (above).

AND HERE'S MY BROTHER BEING AN ABSOLUTE LONER HAHAHAHA There were kids from BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, etc. and he was in a practice group with a few other Alberta kids but he didn't really talk to them as far as I could tell. He didn't even seem like he was paying attention.

It's day 4 now, and I've been trying to get part 2 of day 3 up but the pictures are uploading so sLOWLY. I'll try to use the internet at the tennis place instead. We go to Crystal Mall and have lunch there, and I thought it was huge but I was just walking in circles ;; ALSO I take pictures of a cute babby boy (✪⥎✪)

Thank you for reading (● ̄(エ) ̄●) 

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