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Hi, I'm Tina. I'm a second year physiology student at the University of Alberta. Please click the links below to find me elsewhere!

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Vancouver 2014 [6/8]
Friday, April 04, 2014 | 0 comments

ootd in my favourite lil converse plats


Today I went shopping at Aberdeen Centre, a lot of the stores were really cute but honestly the clothes were all just okay, I prefer Crystal Mall.

BINGO was the cutest store ahh everything was on clearance but the items were actually a little too pricey, even with the cuts. I saw this adorable watch, originally $88, but after the cuts it was still $70.

Hella cute stores !!

I bought a couple keychains for my friends!

Literally all the stores that just have little cubbies, little boxes, are the best. They have such a large variety of items and it's all so organized ; u ; Walking through them was like walking through tumblr 

If I had a boyfriend I would get these =n=

HAHA OK OK SO I WAS LOOKING AT EVERYTHING AND I SAW THIS LIL RILAKKUMA BOX AND I THOUGHT WOW THIS IS HELLA I WANT 12. Then I looked closer and I was like what's that 003 thing beside it, turns out these were all just boxes of condoms  (*≧m≦*)

There were also DollyWink products everywhere, how come there aren't any in Edmonton ;;

Lunch was $10 at Teppan Kitchen!

For $8, my Dad got noodle soup, a large lemon tea, a waffle, and 6 bao zi *U*

I got my hair cut at Zeal, and OHMYGOD IT WAS THE BEST. The person who cut my hair was this Japanese guy, and he was really considerate and told me how to take care of my hair ; u ; I  really like it~~

If I lived in this area I would definitely come back

More lovely magazines and things that they never have in Edmonton..

Then I went to look around this store called Daiso, it was kind of a dollar store, except a little more expensive. It had the same kind of goods (except 7 thousand times cuter). The lighting in the store was really awkward 

Here's a qt qt picture of my brothers doubles match during their break. My brother is the one in the white shirt without stripes. (They won). That huge red thing is his water bottle LOL

For dinner we had this lovely korean bbq, it wasn't super good, just above average. The waiters there were so cute though holy shit I wanted to take one home ;;

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